Tiger Step-Ins Plastic Pants

Plastic pants are a popular choice for use over regular underwear, cloth products, and even over disposables for extra protection. While the basic functionality of plastic pants is fairly simple, there are many different varieties of pants available ranging in gauges of plastic, colors, prints, and materials.

When most people think of plastic pants, they usually think of the plastic pant that made them popular – the Gerber plastic pant used by millions of parents using cloth diapers.  These durable vinyl pants were the staple for years and are easily found in most department stores up to toddler size.

Tiger Step-Ins plastic pants, however, are not your traditional plastic pant.

The pants come in either a milky white (with a slightly yellowish tint) or a royal blue color with white trim.  The milky white pants feel like a mix between vinyl and a more rubber-like material.  They are very soft and quiet.  They tend to run large, so ordering a size smaller than you need usually works best.

Their blue pant is made of a different material and feels almost like a heavy-gauge, embossed waterproof mattress cover material.  They too tend to run large  based on the sizing on the Tiger website.

The Tiger StepIns have testimonials from several buyers, including one from Camp Kirk, a summer camp for kids with ADD, ADHD and bed-wetting/incontinence.   The company also manufactures a four-layer pair of briefs suitable for night-time use or for kids with mild daytime wetting issues.

Like most plastic pants, it is recommended they be hand-washed and not used in a clothes dryer.

We will have a more thorough review of the Step-Ins in our product review category here soon.

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  • Cheryl

    Have been using Tiger Trainers and Step-ins for 2 years now and the Tiger step-ins are the same ones we started with. We have 2 pair and they are used alternately, rinsed and hung to dry and worn. Have had no problems with them.

  • admin

    Hi Cheryl –

    The tiger Step-Ins are probably the best plastic pant we have seen for older children and adults. They last a long time and remain soft. They are also very quiet. We definitely agree that the use of the Tiger 4-ply trainers and Step-Ins are a great solution to mild bedwetting.

    If the trainers had a slightly thicker “soaker” pad in the middle of the cotton layers, they would be more absorbent for heavy wetters.

    Thank you for the comment, and if you have any other questions or comments, please don’t be afraid to ask!

  • Cheryl

    I would agree that the Tiger Step-ins are probably the best plastic pants. The trainers along with the Step-Ins are worn to bed by a bedwetter.
    2 ways to get additional padding for heavy wetters, try using 2 pair of the trainers under the Step-Ins, this usually seems to work very well for us. If more padding is needed I simply slip a prefold diaper into the outside pair of trainers as they are being put on, this seems to provide all the absorbancy needed for those nights when the child has had a lot to drink during the day. Extra padding is provided and under the Step-ins it does not seem awfully bulky, the bedwetter likes the trainers and says they are soft and comfortable.

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