Do people use Pampers cruisers size 7 for bedwetting?

Question: Do people use Pampers cruisers size 7 for bedwetting?

Answer: Pampers cruisers size 7 have been on the market for a couple of years, but they have become harder and harder to find at the major grocery and department stores. One can only assume this is a result of not being popular, and thus not selling very well.

Using a diaper purely for bedwetting is a controversial issue. Pampers size 7 were designed to fit larger younger children and were never intended to be a mass-marketed product for older bedwetting children or teens.  Even though older children and school age children may fit into baby diapers, does not mean they can or should be used for the treatment of bedwetting.

Wearing diapers past the toddler years is generally not advised unless there are circumstances that warrant it. These include extreme bowel / urinary incontinence, special needs, and other developmental delays where the child has little or no bladder control.  Older kids wearing diapers for bedwetting can feel extremely embarrassed, especially if their other siblings or friends find out.

Pampers Cruisers Size 7

Pampers Cruisers Size 7 can fit younger bedwetting children.

Instead of a baby diaper, if your older child cannot use disposable underpants such as Goodnites or UnderJams, or a reusable product, there are several youth size diapers available via online stores and mail order that are much better suited towards using with an older child.  These diapers have multiple adhesive tapes, and do not have the childish or baby designs on them, helping a child to feel like they are not a baby, but just have to wear a diaper for older children.

So while Pampers cruisers size 7 may fit older children up to even age 12-13, it is highly advised you try either disposable underpants, or youth size diapers rather than continue using a product made for very young children.  Your child will thank you for it.

Are there quality diapers for older children?

Many parents of older children and teens find GoodNites or Underjams not quite sufficient and begin to look for quality diapers for older children.  Unfortunately, many parents looking for disposable products for their older child will not find products specifically suited for these age ranges in the local supermarket or department store.  Many may go to a local “hospital supply store” but still only find products for geriatric adults or other diapers that are too large.

Where to find quality diapers for older children

Finding quality diapers for older children can be a challenge, but there are a few brands of diapers that cater to this market.  Many supplies of these “inbetween” sizes refer to their diapers as “special needs” products, while others call them disposable briefs.

Currently available youth diapers

By far the best youth disposable diaper is the Tranquility ATN (All-Through-the-Night) brief.  It is designed to fit children and small adults with a 18″-26″ waist.  It has a plastic cover, and the typical “peach mat” of the Tranquility line.  These quality diapers live up through their name, as they hold an incredible amount of liquid.  The gel absorbs liquid quickly and locks it in place.  These briefs have 4 tapes, 2 on each side, and do not refasten particularly well, but they are made to be put on at night and not removed until the morning.  They are also fairly economical as a pack of 10 usually only costs between $10-13.

The Tena youth brief is another diaper available for waist sizes 17″-29″. This brief is made by the makers of the popular line of Tena products, a respected manufacturer of incontinence products around the world.  It features 4 tapes like the Tranquility line, but the tapes are a bit more easy to refasten if necessary.  Some have said the plastic backing is too thin and easily tears.

One of the best disposable diapers for older children over the years have been Attends youth diapers .  Although not as readily available as they once were, the Attends line is a highly known and respected brand.  These are plastic-backed diapers but they also come in a “breathable cover” version that has a soft, cloth-like backing.

There are also a few other quality youth diapers such as Molicare, Dry Comfort and Kendall Wings.  Most of these can be purchased online.  One of the best places is Allegro Medical.

Looking for quality diapers for your older children can be frustrating to find locally, but knowing where to look on the Internet can give you a lot of different options.

Potty Scotty Training Pants Review

The Potty Scotty training pants for night time bedwetting are a re-usable bedwetter pant manufactured by a company called Mom Innovations. While most of their products revolve around potty training solutions, products and advice for both boys and girls, the Potty Scotty or Potty Patty night time training pants are available in sizes for older or bigger children who wet the bed or suffer from night time enuresis.

The Potty Scotty training pants are night time pants that meant to be pulled on for ease of use by children.  They come in four different sizes: 2-4 (30-40 lbs), 4-6 (30-50 lbs), 6-8 (40-60 lbs) and 8-10 (50-70 lbs).  They are white in color and come in a high quality package with care and usage instructions. The Potty Scotty training pants for night time are heavier than their normal training pants, and they have a waterproof fabric outer shell.

The pants are very thick with a soft terry lining that is next to your child’s skin.  The padded center panel is extremely thick and absorbent and is made of 100% polyester.   The outer shell of the Potty Scotty training pants is very soft and not very loud.  There is a sticker over the materials list that indicates the bedwetter pant was once made with a vinyl waterproof cover, but the new PUL shell is extremely soft to the touch and quieter than plastic or vinyl.

Potty Scotty Training PantsPotty Scotty training pants snaps

The night time training pant has overlapping age/size ranges, so it may be best to buy a size up.  They are snap pants, with 2 sets of three snaps on each side.  By having 2 sets of snaps on each side of the training pants, they are able to be adjusted and fitted as a child grows.  The snaps are made of plastic and are very easy to unsnap, and are securely fastened to the sides. According to Mommy Innovations, the reason for the snaps is so the night time training pants have the convenience and independence of a pull-up and down pant, but in the case of a larger accident or “#2″ the pant can be unsnapped easily and the waste disposed of.

 Potty Scotty training pants sizes, ages and additional features

The Potty Scotty / Potty Patty night time training pants are sized appropriately.  The size 8-10 for instance should easily fit most 8-10 year olds who are within the normal/ideal weight and size range.  Because of the terry cloth lining, children using the pants will have the sensation of being wet, which will help them try to be dry.  These briefs, however, will not work with bedwetting alarms, these are more for management of bedwetting rather than trying to accomplish night time dryness.

Buy Now From!

Potty Scotty training pants are very reasonably priced at $15.95 (as of July 11, 2011). A very comparable brief, Motherease bedwetter pants, are more expensive and do not go up to the larger sizes.  If you are looking for potty scotty training pants, or a good night time bedwetter pant for older children, the Potty Scotty training pants are a great deal.


Can You Use Goodnites And A Bed-Wetting Alarm?

One the questions that comes up frequently is whether or not you can use disposable underpants such as Goodnites and a bed-wetting alarm.  The answer is – maybe.  Here’s why.

Why not use Goodnites and a bed-wetting alarm

Most makers of bedwetting alarms tell parents not to use Pull-Ups, Goodnites or Underjams with the use of a bedwetting alarm such as Malem or Wet Stop because the very mechanics of the alarm require the special sensor to be able to detect the first drops of urine that occur during nocturnal enuresis or bed-wetting.  If you are using Goodnites or Underjams, the underpant may simply absorb all the moisture before it has time to activate the sensor.  Another question is – where do you put the sensor?  Most bed-wetting alarms use a clip-on sensor that attaches to underwear.  If you try and use a pair of Goodnites and a bed-wetting alarm, the only place to put the sensor is to clip it to the material actually inside the child’s underpants.  That really won’t be the most comfortable now would it?  Imagine sleeping with a piece of plastic in the front of your underwear… not going to be very effective.

How to use Goodnites and a bed-wetting alarm

Despite the things mentioned above, it is still possible to use Goodnites and a bed-wetting alarm together. Have the child put on a pair of regular underwear and attach the bed wetting alarm to the underwear as mentioned in the instructions. Then, have the child put on a pair of Goodnites or Underjams over the underwear to provide that extra layer of protection for the bed wetter.  When they sleep and wet the bed, the underwear will still get wet, activating the sensor, but the Goodnites will protect the bed and clothes.  This will also make the child feel they are wet, which some doctors say is important in both toilet training and helping to cure bed-wetting.

While you can use Goodnites or Underjams, using bedwetting plastic pants such as Tiger Step-Ins may not work with a bed-wetting alarm because they can cause excess heat and moisture themselves, and end up setting off the alarm with a false reading.

So while it is possible to use Goodnites and a bed-wetting alarm together, remember not to just put the sensor inside of the underpant.  If you want to them together, use another pair of underwear under the Goodnite.  If you can though, simple use regular underwear and pajamas instead of Goodnites, along with a protective mattress cover, so your child can sleep as normal as they would if they were not wetting at night.

Following the above advice, you will be able to use Goodnites and a bed-wetting alarm together and hopefully quickly train your child to stop wetting the bed.

Molicare Diapers

Molicare diapers are among the most recognized named for children dealing with severe urinary and fecal incontinence.  Because of their high absorbency for a youth or adult diaper, they are most generally used at home and are considered a diaper rather than a bedwetter pant or other absorbent pants used for overnight protection from occasional bed-wetting.

When looking at youth diapers or briefs of this kind, you will find they fall into several groups.  First, they may be plastic-backed or have a “cloth-like” cover.  Next, the number of tapes on the sides of the diaper may be two on each side, or three on each side.  But the biggest difference in disposable adult or youth diapers is the absorbency – generally, the cheaper the diaper, the less it will actually hold.

Molicare diapers come in two different main absorbencies.  These are Super and Super Plus.

The Molicare Super briefs used to be called the “T” brief because there was less padding  in the wings.  The Molicare Super briefs are still very absorbent, however the Molicare Super Plus is even more-so.

The Molicare Super Plus has extra padding in the wings and side panels, making it extremely absorbent.

Sizes of Molicare Diapers

The Molicare youth diaper is blue in color and fits wist sizes 18″-30″. The outer material is a soft, breathable material somewhere between plastic and a cloth-like cover.  The regular Molicare Super Plus adult briefs are purple in color, and start at size small for 20″-31″ waist, and go up to large which fits 43″-64″ adult waist sizes.

Molicare Diapers Are Generally Not Used For Bedwetting

Molicare diapers or briefs are highly absorbent and bulky and are not advised for use for occasional bed-wetting.  The use of an adult diaper such as the Super-Plus, Tranquility ATN youth diaper, Tena, or Attends should never be used to shame or punish a child for wetting the bed.  Diapers of this type are made for people with complete or very heavy incontinence.

If you are considering using diapers for bed-wetting, please keep the above in mind.  Bed-wetting diapers such as Goodnites or Underjams will probably go further in helping to build your child’s self-esteem than Molicare diapers.

Dry Comfort Extra Youth Diapers

Dry Comfort Extra is one brand of youth diapers available through mass-market and online retailers.  It is plastic-backed and one of the more economical or cheapest youth diapers available.

Disposable diapers for bed-wetting should be the last effort to handle severe bed-wetting and daytime childhood incontinence. For an older child, being put back into diapers, even if they are youth size, is an extremely emotional event and should be handled with care. Youth diapers and diapers for older children should never be used as punishment for wetting the bed, and a child should never be forced to wear a youth diaper for any reason. For a more long-term solution to bed-wetting, we strongly recommend the use of a bed-wetting alarm for night-time training with the combination of GoodNites underpants for sleepovers. For camp-outs, pull-on disposable underpants are a more discrete bedwetting product.

The information provided below for Dry Comfort Extra diapers is provided for families dealing with complete or heavy childhood incontinence who need a full incontinence product.

Dry Comfort Youth Diaper Features

The Dry Comfort Extra disposable briefs are actually adult briefs (adult diapers) available in a small/petite size that fits waist sizes from 23 ” – 31″. The brief does seem to go quite a bit larger as well, probably going up to 33″ or 34″. They feature a super absorbent polymer, a blue acquisition layer, multi-strand elastics and a wetness indicator that show when the brief should be changed. There are four tape tabs on the brief, two on each side (unlike baby diapers). They adhere to the diaper very well and are easy to readjust.

The briefs do not have waist elastic, however the top and back of the briefs ride very high on the hips and do not relax as much as the cloth-like covers of its competitors. The brief is green in color and has an extremely noisy and plastic-feeling outer shell. Because of this, if your child is looking for something discreet, Dry Comfort Extra briefs should not be at the top of your list. In addition, as you can see in the photos on the mannequin below, the front absorbent zone is very prominent and full, which will give the appearance of a lot of extra padding under pajamas.

If you are looking for a form-fitting brief, this is not one you should consider. Despite including Lycra leg gathers in the leg opening of the diaper, both the front and the back of the waistband do not contain any type of elastic support system. Not having elastic at the waist can cause the brief to stretch and lose its shape over time. You can notice the lack of elastic in the photos of the product below. This can be especially inconvenient at night, when the front of the diaper stretched and no longer protects from night-time, horizontal use.

The Dry Comfort brief has a capacity rating of about 650 ml or 22 oz.

REMEMBER: Disposable diapers should not be used as punishment for bed-wetting or any other behavioral issues. Youth diapers are recommended only for complete or heavy incontinence. For normal bed-wetting, we strongly recommend the use of a bed-wetting alarm for night-time training and GoodNites underpants for sleepovers away from home.

Benetton Size 6 Diapers Fit Older Kids

Disposable diapers for bed-wetting should be the last effort to handle severe bed-wetting and daytime childhood incontinence. For an older child, being put back into diapers is an extremely emotional event and should be handled with care. Youth diapers and diapers for older children should never be used as punishment for wetting the bed, and a child should never be forced to wear diapers for any reason. For a more long-term solution to bed-wetting, we strongly recommend the use of a bed-wetting alarm for night-time training with the combination of GoodNites underpants for sleepovers.

The information provided below for Benetton size 6 diapers is provided for families dealing with complete or severe childhood incontinence.

The Benetton Size 6 disposable diaper was available in the United States at Target and other department stores. The diaper has been discontinued, but can be found in several discount stores as well as through online outlets like eBay.

The diaper is larger than a normal size 6 diaper from the leading manufacturers and according to the sellers of the diapers online, have been used on children as old as 9-years-old to deal with bedwetting and incontinence.

The diaper itself, although larger, has many of the same features as the leading diapers. The elastic waist is extremely form fitting, and the tape tabs seem strong and adhere well to the frontal tape zone. The diaper itself is not “breathable” and feels somewhat plastic to the touch.

REMEMBER: Disposable diapers should not be used as punishment for bed-wetting or any other behavioral issues. Youth diapers are recommended only for complete or heavy incontinence. For normal bed-wetting, we strongly recommend the use of a bed-wetting alarm for night-time training and GoodNites underpants for sleepovers away from home.

Most Popular Bedwetting Diapers

Manufacturers have started calling the most absorbent products “disposable briefs” or “fitted briefs” but there is no denying what they are – disposable diapers. Youth diapers and briefs should be used only for severe or complete incontinence, and never to embarrass or otherwise shame a child who wets the bed.

Why Use Diapers

The decision to use a diaper as opposed to a disposable underpant is one that needs to be taken very seriously. The first is your child’s size. As mentioned in the disposable underpants section, the underpants product is geared towards younger, and unfortunately, slimmer kids. Those that are larger both in height and weight, will quickly outgrow the product. There is an awkward stage between outgrowing the kids product and growing into an adult product. During this stage, many parents will switch to a youth or small size diaper.

The second reason to switch to a diapering product is the physical amount of urine your child is producing. All underpants, and diapers too, have a physical limit as to the amount of urine they will hold. If you child wets more than once a night without changing, a youth-size or adult diaper will make sure the urine is kept away from your child’s skin and continue to get a good night’s sleep without waking.

Talking To Your Child

Children are terrified at being put “back” into diapers. Even the suggestion of doing so may cause tantrums, crying and pleads to not put them back into diapers. If you can get through the tears and ask what really bothers them about wearing diapers – usually it comes down to a sense of privacy. What kids see on TV and around them are mothers and fathers changing a baby’s diapers. So naturally they assume that being put back into diapers means that you or your spouse is going to resume powdering them and fastening their diapers.

Communication with your child is the key – let them know that they will be responsible for putting their own protection on at night. You can show them how to put it on themselves by simply saying “tapes in back” – they can usually figure out the rest. Assure them they are not a baby and that they make diapers for kids of all ages and adults to. If you don’t make a big deal about it, it helps them to understand it as well.

Night-Time Procedure

Let your child know that it is their responsibility to make sure they put their diaper on at night before they go to bed, and that you will check to make sure when you say good night to them. Unless they fall asleep in front of the TV, kids will usually remember to do it themselves if you make it a routine. If your child forgets, you have two choices: wake them up and have them put it on, or put it on yourself. As you know, waking up your child from a deep sleep is a big challenge! If you do opt for diapering your child, remember to be understanding of your child’s forming sense of dignity. You can slip a diaper on and pull their pajamas back up quickly without them waking.

Diaper Brands

There is no shortage of brands of diapers in youth or small sizes. If you are on a tight budget and your child is slim and under 100 lbs., you may be able to use the largest “baby” diaper – Pampers 6. However, keep in mind that this is a baby diaper, and the capacity rating is for that of a toddler. We recommend choosing an age-appropriate product such as those listed below.

Dry Comfort Extra

Dry Comfort Extra is a disposable brief (diaper) that offers a small.petite size to fit 23″ – 31″ waist sizes, although they can go a little larger. They feature a wetness indicator and have a plastic outer shell instead of the cloth-cover many of the current briefs have. These briefs have extensive wetness protection, particularly in the front of the brief, which causes them to look very “padded” under clothes or pajamas.

View Our Extensive Review of Dry Comfort Extra Briefs

Tena Youth Brief

This is one of the best briefs for children. The Tena brand continues through adult sizes and their youth fits kids with 17″-22″ waist. They feature elastic in the legs and waist as well as a Dry-Fast core and wetness indicator. This is also a latex-free product ideal for kids who are allergic to latex.

Molicare Classic

This brief is designed for children with heavy to complete incontinence and is rather bulky. It is manfucatured overseas and is purple in color with 4 tape tabs. The tapes tend to tear if the brief is put on too tightly, so it is best to make it comfortable but not too snug. The best place to find this product is at Magic Medical.


The Attends brand used to be found in regular grocery stores but lost the battle over comsumers with Depend. However, the Attends brand is still used in many hospitals and health care institutions as their diaper of choice. The great thing about Attends is that they carry a line from youth all the way to adult sizes.


Depend is the brand most people think of when it comes to adult diapers. Unfortunately, they have pretty much ceased production on their small sizes, so it is harder and harder to find them in the local grocery stores. Our preferred e-tailer, Vitality Medical, does not carry the small size, but they do have Medium and Large.

Tranquility All-Through-The-Night

The Tranquility brand is a cost-effective solution for those that need an all-night diaper for moderate-heavy incontinence or bedwetting. Their youth product fits waists from 18″-26″ and is able to contain 18.5 ounces of urine. The briefs are white and utilize the Tranquility “peach mat system” to contain wetness away from your child’s skin.